On Campus

Almost all campus universities in Turkey have a variety of accommodation facilities. Apart from university dormitories, state owned dormitories serve for all students. Students should consult their universities for accommodation facilities. Another option, particularly in main cities, is that of rented accommodation, often shared with other students.

State and campus dormitories are quite secure. Most of the dormitories have kitchen supplies for student to cook their own meals. They also have small cafeterias which serve until midnight. There is usually an option of having either a shared or private room, and dormitories are separated by gender. Most dormitories are an ideal way to become involve in campus activities and meet other students. Average room prices vary between $ 30 and $ 300 per month according to facilities.

Off Campus:

Off-campus renting: Students also have the opportunity of renting an apartment flat, but price may vary depending on the district, quality and size. Rents are often quite high in the major cities. Many students share accommodation to keep costs down and usually find places to meet their needs and preferences Average cost of an apartment ranges between $200 and $500/ month from city to city.